PRIDE 2001

San Luis Obispo LGBT Pride Festival, July 15, 2001

For the second year, Integrity/El Camino Real sponsored a booth at this wonderful event. Here are a few photos.

Tauria Linala gives festival goers a brief history of the Episcopal Church.
Mark Plants offers an overview of Integrity.


Bart Bartosh (left) and Tony Saponate near the entrance to the festival.


Kathy Hansen (left) and Pat Brickman are among the El Camino Real chapter members who generously gave their time to host our booth.




San Jose LGBT Pride Parade and Festival, June 9-10, 2001

Integrity/El Camino Real sponsored a booth and a parade contingent.
Our honored guest was the Rt. Rev. Otis Charles. Nearly 20 women, men, and even a few children marched with us.
Here is part of our parade contingent.

(From left) Bill Geary, Fred Guss, Bishop Otis Charles, Leonard Cowan, Bart Bartosh,
Russ McBrien, Dave Pascual, Tony Saponate, Fr. Geoff Glaser, and Bruce Harris.